Conducting surveys of passenger flows on the basis of automation tools

"NIIAT" experts carry out surveys of passenger flows at ground public transport using semiautomated and automated (with passenger count detectors) technologies for various vehicle types. Researchers from the Institute are capable to design an optimization project for a route network and to provide Design Rationales on tariffs for the carriage of passengers and on traffic volumes for the carrier's liability insurance contracts.

Benefits of passenger flows surveying by "NIIAT" experts:

- Data on passenger flows are generated in digital form, which saves time and reduces processing costs;

- Automatic global positioning provides the ability to locate all actual boarding and disembarking stops (including those outside scheduled stopping points);

- Data from automatic recorders are instantly transmitted to "NIIAT" server, regardless of actual place of survey which minimizes the risk of data loss and increases the speed of processing;

- The quality of survey results (their reliability) is verified by the results of previous surveys and is estimated at a level of not less than 95%;

- The cost of surveys (including data processing) is 20-50% lower than the cost of passenger flow surveying with specialized equipment or manually;

- It is possible to calculate passenger correspondence on certain route(s) based on the data on passenger flows

Presentation (in Russian)

For details contact Scientific Centre “Passenger Transport Operation and Development of Transport Infrastructure”

Head: Dmitry Yenin

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