Works, performed by "NIIAT" JSC on the orders of public authorities and various organizations

Joint-Stock Company “Scientific and Research Institute of Motor Transport” performs the following R & D works in the following areas:

- evaluation of strategies and programs for the development of transport complex in regions of the Russian Federation in the medium and long term;

- development of integrated transport schemes of cities and towns;

- development of integrated traffic management schemes (KSODD), traffic management projects (PODD), proposals forthe creation of automated traffic management systems (ASUDD);

- development of regional (city) programs of road safety improvment;

- draft proposals for optimization of urban and suburban passenger transport work on the basis of passenger flow surveys(development of an optimal configuration of the route network, optimization of the traffic schedules, development of the requirements to rolling stock and infrastructure, etc.);

- development of quality standards for public passenger transport services;

- development of road cargo transportation organization projects, including dangerous, bulky and heavy, perishable;

- installation of control devices for work and rest regimes of drivers (tachographs) on motor vehicles;

- development of projects in the field of transport services for disabled people and other categories of people with limited mobility;

- preparation of proposals for the development of activities, aimed at organizing cycling;

- development of programs and projects in the field of environmental vehicles safety emprovenment;

- Development of basic (line) and transport (including weight of cargo and number of passengers) fuel consumption ratesfor all types, grades and modifications of Russian and foreign vehicles (including typed routes and operating conditions);

- development of strategies to improve financial efficiency and ensure the sustainability of motor transport organizations functioning;

- consulting in financial and economic issues at the transport companies;

- organization of conferences, exhibitions, seminars and workshops (including - international) in the directions of the enterprise activity;

- library-bibliographic service of businesses and individuals.Workshop. Service Center

Calculation of fuel cost recovery norms

Calculation of tire wear norms

Education Installation of Tachographs

Issuance of Cards for Digital Tachographs AETR

Conducting surveys of passenger flows on the basis of automation tools

ОАО «НИИАТ» — это еще и:
Музей автомобильного транспорта страны Комната истории автомобильного транспорта страны — дань традициям и богатой истории института
Вместительный актовый зал Вместительный актовый зал, который редко пустует и всегда готов принять до 250 посетителей
Уютная столовая Уютная столовая, которая славится не только вкусными обедами, но и возможностью обслужить любые научные конференции, праздничные и торжественные мероприятия