XVII All-Russian Competition of Professional Driver Skills “The Best Tram Driver”, 2019, Kazan, Republic of Tatarstan, September 11 - 13

07 August 2019

“The Best Tram Driver” Competition is a part of the Federal program “Improving road safety in 2013–2020”, created to improve professional knowledge, enhance the role and popularize the bus driver profession, and form safe behavior patterns among road users. The competition will be organized by NIIAT by the order of the Ministry of Transport of Russia. Representatives of transport organizations of Russian cities are expected to attend the Competition which is held with the introduction of elements of WorldSkills standards, but without age restrictions for participants. Prize fund of the competition amounts 500 000 rubles. Participants will have to pass a number of tough tests procedures for checking of driving skills which include driving a tram along a special route and with certain conditions, the culture of passenger service, receiving a tram before leaving the line, and checking the knowledge of the tram structure, technical operation rules and traffic rules. The following types of trams will be presented for competitions: Спектр 71-407, АКСМ 62103, КТМ-623.