Vadim Donchenko, the Scientific Director of the Institute addressed the FIFA and "Russia - 2018" Organizing Committee seminar for the host cities of the FIFA World Cup 2018 in Russia on October 3

09 October 2013

Nikolay Asaul, Deputy Transport Minister, stressed that Russia, winning the right to host the World Cup, assumed an obligation to the international community to provide transport infrastructure that meets the requirements of FIFA.

"NIIAT" JSC is responsible for the development of the draft Concept of Transportation for FIFA World Cup 2018. Vadim Donchenko outlined the basic principles of the concept.

"The efficiency of transportation can be achieved by thorough planning only, - says Vadim Donchenko - Looking forward to the World Cup, one of the main tasks is to provide an adequate transport structure, because this event is characterized by large one-time load, while transport infrastructure of the cities is not usually ready for these."

An assessment of transport demand and appropriate forecasts for the event were given to representatives of the cities involved.

In accordance with the certification requirements, to organize the airport activities is one of top priorities.

The Concept of Transport Support for the FIFA World Cup 2018 will be based on comprehensive analysis of corresponding regional programs.