Vadim Donchenko, scientific director "NIIAT" JSC, took part in the 11th session of THE PEP Steering Committee in Geneva.

04 December 2013

The session discussed preparations for the Fourth High-level Meeting on Transport, Health and Environment (14-16 April 2014, Paris), the draft Paris Declaration and THE PEP Programme of work for 2013–2014. The main tasks set forward by the Steering Committee of the Transport, Health and Environment Pan-European Programme include:

- Develop a platform to attract and support investments in environment- and health-friendly transport;

- Build capacity for better integration of transport, health and environment policy;

- Share and disseminate good practice in environment- and health-friendly transport;

- Facilitate the implementation of activities at the local, national and regional levels;

- Support international advocacy and cooperation projects to promote best practice and an integrated approach to policymaking in transport, health and environment;

- Enhance monitoring and reporting mechanisms for implementation.