Vadim Donchenko made a presentation at the 36th meeting of THE PEP Steering Committee Bureau (Bonn, Germany)

02 July 2019

Scientific Director of the Scientific and Research Institute of Motor Transport (NIIAT), Deputy Chairman of the Bureau of the Steering Committee of the Pan-European Programme on Transport, Health and Environment (THE PEP Bureau) Vadim Donchenko took part in the 36th Bureau meeting which was held on July 1-2, 2019 in Bonn, Germany.

He informed the participants of the meeting on the progress in preparing the Guidelines for sustainable urban and transport planning, as well as on the preparation of the International Conference “Smart” urban mobility: the prospects for the modern information and transportation technologies in order to improve safety and quality of transport services”.

The Conference will be organized by NIIAT together with the Kazan State University of Architecture and Engineering by the order of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation. It will take place in Kazan on 12 September 2019. this event. This event is supposed as a stage of THE PEP Relay Race and the event in the framework of THE PEP Partnership on integration of transport, health and the environmental issues in urban and spatial planning.

The conference will be attended by leading Russian and foreign experts in the area of sustainable urban transport, the use of modern information technologies on the urban ground public transportation and telecommunication technologies, representatives of the UNECE and THE PEP Secretariats, executive authorities of the Russian Federation and local governments.

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