Vadim Donchenco, the Scientifc Director of NIIAT, gave a comment on the expansion of paid parking areas in Moscow in his interview to Channel One Russia.

08 November 2013

The city authorities have announced plans to expand paid parking areas in the centre of the Russian capital.

Paid parking lots will go beyond the limits of Bulvarnoe Koltso and will be stretched as far as Sadovoye Koltso. The expansion begins from the end of this year. Tariffs may also rise. And the tax will vary from place to place depending on the demand.

12 500 new parking spaces are planned to be equipped by about 400 new parking meters.

"The estimates all over the World are about the same, - stressed Vadim Donchenco - after the introduction of restrictive measures the volume of traffic is being reduced by 15-20%, and that is enough to move freely around in the city center".

After the emergence of paid parking spaces a lot of people started to shift their preferences in favour of public transport. These measures have also led to a decrease in traffic jams, according to experts. The city Department of Transport is now considering the idea of making a weekend parking on the paid parking spaces completely free of charge for all citizens.