The International Conference finished in Rostov-on-Don City

01 July 2016

During this Conference the following issues was considered:

-       Condition, trends and problems of passenger road and urban electric transportation market development in the Russian Federation and other countries: the influence of reforms on safety and quality of public service

-       Best foreign and domestic practice of passenger transportation market regulation: how to combine "freedom of enterprise" concept and safety and quality of service requirements

-       Safety and quality of transport services as an integrated criterion of public transport service by road and urban electric transport

Scientists from Russia, France, Germany, China, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Kyrgyz Republic, the heads and specialists of enterprises of public transport participated in the Conference

"Roads and streets, designed in the last century, cannot withstand modern traffic loads. This process is necessary and possible to manage, in particular, by proper admission of transport on the road network. On the other hand, it is necessary to regulate traffic and solve the problem of infrastructure. These need to be addressed, otherwise we will live in traffic",- Dr. Vladimir Lugovenko, Deputy Director of the Department of State Policy in the Field of Motor and Urban Passenger Transport of the Ministry of transport of the Russian Federation said.

"In such city life will not be comfortable, so this process need to properly manage, creating the most efficient movement. In particular, the Ministry of transport of the Russian Federation has prepared a draft Federal law "On organization of road traffic", which aims to solve these problems. He submitted to the Duma", -Dr. Vladimir Lugovenko added.

Vice-President of CODATU Dr. Bernard Rivalta shared experience with of Management and Ensuring of Public Transport Services Quality in France, Transport Analyst of International Transport Forum Daniel Veryard told about experience with different public transport industry structures, General Manager of ERES TRANSPORTS INGETRANS payed attention on Public transport CRM /Customer Relationship Management, and Dr. Vadim Donchenko Scientific Director JSC «NIIAT» in his speech, stressed the role of public passenger transport in the task of improving the sustainability of urban and regional transport systems.

The separate issue was 2018 FIFA World Cup by example of Rostov-on-Don City.