Regular classes to improve the skills of teachers and professionals in the field of safe transport of dangerous goods

02 June 2016

From 23 to 27 may 2016 at JSC "NIIAT" Scientific Department "Freight Transportation Management“ in accordance with the received license Institute conducted classes on the approved 40-hour professional Program of training of teachers of educational institutions engaged in training of drivers and advisors for the safe transport of dangerous goods.
The team consisted of 23 students from 16 cities of the country (Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Omsk, Orenburg, Angarsk, Ufa, Bratsk, etc.).
For all sections (topics) of educational-thematic plan of classes were held in the form of reports, consultations and practical classes, taking into account the current state and promising solutions to most important problems of ensuring the safe transport of dangerous goods in motor vehicles.
High professional level conducted according to the curriculum confirmed by the students was secured by the most qualified presenters (consultants), including employees of the Institute Ph. D. Chuklinova N. N., C. E. S. I. I. batishcheva, the head of the FBU "Rosavtotrans" Viblaya N. G., head of Gosavtodornadzor Smirnova V. V., Deputy Director of NOU. Kalita, Titova M. A., senior specialist in transport of dangerous goods Voitenkova A. I., author of several textbooks on the transport of dangerous goods, pono A. E., head of Department of the company "Linus" Ananko S. M. et al.
Following the training and certification of all students received certificates of advanced training in the field of transport of dangerous goods by road. In a solemn ceremony certificates presented by the First Deputy General Director of OJSC "NIIAT", Ph. D. Komarov VV.
For the above problem, the Ministry of transport of Russia approved the Institute developed a model program of training and retraining of consultants on safety issues of transportations of dangerous goods. After their registration by the Ministry of justice Institute in the current year (IV quarter) plans to hold a training of trainers on security of transport of dangerous goods, which will contribute to the implementation of the tasks set by the Ministry of transport and Ministry of education and science of Russia on raising the qualification requirements for staff involved in the field of transport of dangerous goods.

Scientific Department "Freight Transportation Management“ of OJSC "NIIAT"