JSC "NIIAT" begins to cooperate with "MADI"

24 December 2020

On the part of JSC NIIAT, General Director Alexei Vasilkov took part in the signing of the agreement, and on behalf of MADI - Acting Rector Andrey Keller. The subject of the Agreement is cooperation between NIIAT and MADI in initiating and implementing joint projects, organizing educational activities (organizing the exchange of research results, organizing and conducting scientific and technical conferences, symposia, seminars, etc.). The parties also undertake to continue the activities of the basic department of MADI "Sustainable Urban Transport" created at JSC NIIAT, to promote the allocation of budget places for this department, as well as to promote the further development of cooperation of this department of MADI with the University of Versailles (France) within the framework of the Pan-European Program UNECE-WHO Transport, Environment and Health (THE PEP).