International Transport Forum in Leipzig

30 May 2013

The International Transport Forum at the OECD is an intergovernmental organization with 54 member countries. It acts as a strategic think tank for transport policy and organizes an Annual Summit of ministers.

The goal of ITF is to help shape the transport policy agenda on a global level, and ensure that it contributes to economic growth, environmental protection, social inclusion and the preservation of human life and well-being.

A delegation of The Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation headed by Maxim Sokolov, the Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation, headed by Maxim Sokolov, the Minister of the Russian Federation, participated in the Forum under the motto "Transport infrastructure creation is the foundation of the national economy" this year.

Ministers from the 54 member countries of the International Transport Forum call for increased investment in the strategic development of transport infrastructure and services. "Financing of transport is a major problem of transport policy today. Demand for mobility, facilitated by high quality networks and services, is growing rapidly," claim the ministers in a joint declaration on the financing of transport.

Maxim Sokolov noted that economic development of Russia is severely hampered by infrastructure constraints. Russian Government is taking a complex of measures to overcome them. Increase mobility of the population from 6.7 thousand to 10.5 thousand km. per person will be provided in the coming decade, as well as increase the amount of highway construction twice, and update the fleet of vehicles. "It is obvious that the solution of the necessary funding for the transport sector can not be entirely entrusted to the state budget. Extra-budgetary sources should also be involved", - highlighted the Minister. According to him, the necessary private investment volume is estimated at 120 billion euros by 2020.

"Transport infrastructure creation is much more than just asphalting, concreting, constructing road junctions or doing other kinds of roadwork. It lies in the basis of the national economy, providing the availability of services, goods, recreational areas to people, and creates favorable conditions for trade and economic growth" - agreed Igor Titov with the Ministers of the 54 countries.

Download the full version of the Ministerial Declaration on the financing of transport:

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