In "NIIAT" JSC was completed a seminar-workshop on "Requirements of the Russian and international legislation on transport of dangerous goods by road. Problems and Solutions"

08 June 2014

From 2nd to 6th of June 2014 for teachers of educational institutions admitted to the training of vehicles drivers, carrying dangerous goods and for specialists trucking companies for the carriage of goods, of "NIIAT" JSC held another seminar-workshop on "Requirements of the Russian and international legislation on transport of dangerous goods by road. Problems and solutions". The seminar-meeting was attended by representatives of the FBI "Rosavtotrans" “Rostransnadzor” and 20 students - heads of educational institutions, teachers and professionals from 17 organizations in the country.

When the seminar opened, all participants were welcomed by the Director-General of "NIIAT" JSC Titov I.V., who marked some of important issues related to the theme of seminar.

In the framework of the seminar-workshop on issues arising from the introduction of requirements of ADR transport of dangerous goods in the country, with meaningful presentations by the head of research department of "NIIAT" JSC, Candidate of Economic Sciences Batishchev I.I., head of the FBI "Rosavtotrans" Vibliy N.G., Lecturer of transportation of Dangerous Goods CA "Specialist" M.A. Titov, head of the company "LINUS" Ananko S.M., deputy chief of the transportation of radioactive substances RTN Kislov A.I., Deputy Director in Research of the Academy of integrated security MGUPS (MIIT), Ph.D. V.A, Ulyanov, head of TSUGADN “Rostransnadzor” Moiseev I.V., senior state inspector, Russian Interior Ministry colonel Tchervyakov S.Y.

The seminar was tabled in the introduction of remote exams in professional driver training for the transportation of dangerous goods, and additional training for safety advisers for these services. The workshop participants of the meeting visited the exhibition of retro car repair plant "KAMYSHMASH", located on the campus. By the way, it had over 50 active exhibits.

While summing up at the plenary session of the seminar were: Deputy Head of Department of State Policy of road and urban transport of Russia A.V. Mikhailov, head of the department of transportation dangerous goods in Rostransnadzor Smirnov V.V., and other participants of the plenary session.

Finally, plenary session of the First Deputy General Director for Research of "NIIAT" JSC Komarov V.V. thanked the students for their active participation in the seminar and presented to participants, the certificate of professional development in transportation of dangerous goods with special certificates of participation in the seminar.

In review, the participants appreciated the high professional and organizational level of this seminar meeting and expressed wishes to address certain issues of its work in the future.