Expert Roundtable Economic Analysis of the Transformation of Urban Transport Systems

09 September 2020


The Thirty-third session of the Working Party on Transport Trends and Economics of the Inland Transport Committee of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) was held in Geneva (Switzerland) on September 9, 2020. It was dedicated to the economic analysis of the transformation of urban transport systems.
The event was attended by NIIAT Research Supervisor, First Deputy Director General, Deputy Chairman of THE PEP Steering Committee Bureau Vadim Donchenko and the Head of the Research Department of Transport Economics of the NIIAT Anton Belogreben who presented a report on the topic: “Efficiency assessment of urban transport systems secure development".
The meeting was held online in English.
A workshop on economic analysis of the transformation of urban transport systems was attendant also by the interested stakeholders, including city authorities, urban and spatial planners, national Ministry of Transport/ Mobility experts, NGOs and academia/ they were invited to present case studies discussing transport policy cost-benefit analyses currently being used in a variety of cities of different sizes with a focus on one of the three policy categories “Avoid policies”, “Shift policies” and “Improve policies” or combinations thereof (i.e. policy mixes).
The workshop gives WP.5 the opportunity to explore the possible establishment of an analytical “policy assessment model” enabling city authorities to select those mobility policies that best meet their needs and help them to most effectively address the challenges faced by their respective urban transport systems.