Exhibition and Forum of Transport and Logistics Services, Technologies, Parts and Equipment for Servicing Commercial Vehicles (Translogistica Ural) was held November 6-8, 2019 in Ekaterinburg

07 November 2019

The exhibition was organized by the Ural Logistics Association, Union of Motor Transport Entrepreneurs of the Sverdlovsk Region and MVK (International Exhibition Company) supported by the Government of the Sverdlovsk Region.
The purpose of the exhibition-forum is to satisfy a growing demand in the Ural region for quality transportation and logistics services, rolling stock and transportation technologies.
The program on November 7 was dedicated to passenger transport. In the first part of the day there was the conference "Conceptual development of digital technologies, their application in the field of passenger vehicle management and the work of transport organizations".
The purpose of the conference is to formulate a scientifically-applied view of representatives of government on digital technologies that are currently being introduced in automobile transport and with a 3–5 year perspective, and to determine the role of regional and municipal authorities in introducing, applying and recording digital technologies in the passenger organization system transportation.
The conference was moderated by the Minister of Transport and Road Facilities of the Sverdlovsk Region Vasily Starkov.
The speakers of the conference were representatives of the largest transport research centers: The Scientific and Research Institute of Motor Transport (NIIAT), Center for Economic Technology, Modern Passenger Transport Technologies (TECHNOPASS), Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation.
The Head of the NIIAT's Research Department “Transport Planning” Dmitry Enin presented a report in the conference: “The Role of Social Standards of Public Transport Services and Digital Technologies in the Formation and Ensuring the Quality of Public Transport Passenger Transportation”.

In conclusion, there was held the round table: “Actual problems of organizing regular passenger traffic”: legal, organizational, financial problems in implementing the Federal Laws (№220–ФЗ of 13/07/2015; №44–ФЗ of 22/03/2013).
The results of the round table were summed up by the President of the Russian Motor Transport Union Oleg Starovoitov.

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