Anna Stupina, chief specialist of scientific marketing department, took part in a discussion on a draft of "Logistics Specialist" professional standard.

11 October 2013

A discussion on a draft of "Logistics Specialist"professional standard was held at the Moscow State University of Transport and Engineering (MIIT).This draft professional standard was developed in accordance with provisions of Russian presidential decrees of 07.05.2012 №596 "On the long-term national economic policy" and №597 "On the measures to implement the state social policy". According to these decrees, 25 million jobs of high efficiency are to be created or updated as well as provided with well-qualified staff in order to increase the pace and ensure the sustainability of economic growth.

The panel included the authors of the document, representatives of the academia: from MADI and "NIIAT" JSC - and practitioners from logistics companies: "Russian Railways" JSC, "Freight One" JSC, ACEX Group, STS Logistic, "TransContainer" JSC, information portal and others.

Modern integrated approach to logistics organization in a company suggests building a management structure that defines and links key business processes and functions within its general strategy.

"The emergence of a professional standard, which formalizes work functions, basic knowledge and skills, is of absolute necessity! Both business market and employers need it desperately, - says Anna Stupina, chief specialist of scientific marketing department of "NIIAT" JSC. - the vacancies are present on the market, but young professionals are forced to find out what they are supposed to do only in the course of their work. It is important that the standard would not become just a formal document, but a guide to real action for the Higher Schools and Colledges."

Further debates on this draft are to be held several more times, in particular at forthcoming conferences and seminars.

The text of the draft is posted on site as well as on an online industry portal

After the final review of all proposals the final Draft Professional Standard is to be submitted to the Russian Ministry of Labor and Social Protection for approval in due course.