SCIENTIFIC AND RESEARCH INSTITUTE OF MOTOR TRANSPORT Plc. was founded on March 14, 2006 on the basis of transformation of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise "State Scientific-Research Institute of Motor Transport", better known by the abbreviated name of NIIAT.

NIIAT was established in 1930 by the Council of People's Commissars of the USSR in the system of Tsudortrans USSR and was originally called the Central Institute of Road Transport (TSIAT). Back in the thirties Institute released a number of important documents, including standards for: motor fuel and lubricants, one level road intersections, technical requirements for motor vehicle headlamps. Among the interesting works of this period are: "Monitoring service system for motor transport", "Methods of drivers’ training by the means of auto simulators" etc. The Institute had a wide area of research, so no wonder that a lot of ministries and departments of the USSR used these works.




The Central Institute of Motor Transport (TSIAT)


The Central Scientific and Research Institute of Motor Transport Operation (TSANII)


The Central Scientific and Research Institute of Motor Transport (TSNIIAT)


All-Union Scientific Research Institute of Motor Transport (VNIIAT)


The State Scientific Research Institute of Motor Transport (NIIAT)


The Federal State Unitary Enterprise «The State Scientific Research Institute of Motor Transport (NIIAT)»


Open joint-stock company « Scientific and Research institute of motor transport (NIIAT)»

Not to mention a galaxy of leading scientists who worked in different years for NIIAT, and did much to create and strengthen the reputation of the Institute, as the head Russian scientific center in the area of transport. Among those whom we should mention are – J.M. Golberg, who worked at the institute until 1943, but who has already in 1920s created the prerequisites for its establishment; D.P. Velikanov, who later became a member of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, PhDs D.A. Rubets and L.A. Bronstein, who received the title of Honored masters of sciences and engineering; PhDs. V.M. Belyaev, N.O. Bludyan, N.V. Brusyantsev, B.L. Geronimus, G.N. Degterev, V.V. Efremov, V.N. Ivanov, B.S. Kleiner, E.S. Kuznetsov, V.V. Lukyanov, A.I. Fedorenko, M.S. Fishelson, M.V. Khrushchev, Candidates of Sciences M.D. Blatnov, D.A. Dmitriev, A.V. Zaporojtsev, G.I. Klinkovshteyn, A.V. Colic, Z.S. Kolyasinsky, G.I. Kuznetsov, N.N. Leonov, A.I. Malyshev, J.G. Manusadzhyants, O.I. Manusadzhyants, L.Y. Roshal, A.S. Shustov, etc. It is just not possible to list all those who are worthy to be mentioned. And a lot of people in the institute today have worked here for more than a dozen years, and are considered to be the leading experts in their fields of expertise. 

Heads of the institute





Corresponding Member

of the Academy of Sciences

 MICHAEL   BURKOV1946-1955










Ph.D. (Economic),IGOR TITOV2011-2014

Certain changes which occurred in the country in recent years have changed and expanded the range of issues to be dealt with by the Institute for the industry. Among them are the technical operation of the rolling stock, standardization and certification services, environmental safety and sustainability of transport, monitoring of the transport market, road safety, etc.

In the course of its work the Institute maintains relations with the following institutions of higher education of the country, which specialize in training specialists in the field of road transport: Moscow Automobile and Road Institute (State Technical University), Moscow Automotive Institute (State Technical University), Kuban State University of Technology, South Ural State Technical University, and others. It is also operating as a branch of the State University of Management (SUM).

The activities of NIIAT are widely known not only in Russia but also abroad. The Institute is a member of the International Fuel Quality Center (IFQC) with European headquarters in Brussels, the Partnership for "clean" vehicles and fuels (UNEP). Employees of the Institute are actively involved in various working groups in the field of the Inland Transport of the United Nations Economic Commission, in the researches of the Joint Transport Research Centre OECD-ITF (Paris), in pan-European projects of the UNECE-WHO on Transport, Environment and Health.

The Institute supports the bilateral friendly ties with its sister institutions in Ukraine (GosavtotransNIIproekt), Belarus (NGO BelNII "Transtekhnika"), Hungary (KTI), Sweden (VTI), the Netherlands (SWOV).

Currently, the Institute is a leading research center in the field of motor transport operation problems. It employs 120 people, including 5 doctors and 19 candidates of science. The Institute operates 15 research centers and research groups. It is the developer of almost all regulatory and legal documents governing the functioning of the motor transport industry.

In recent years, NIIAT participated in the development of the following important Russian documents and programs: Transport Strategy of the Russian Federation until 2020 (approved by Order of the RF Ministry of Transportation on 12.05.2005 № 45); Strategy of Transport Development of the Russian Federation until 2010 (approved by Order of the RF Ministry of Transportation on 31.07.2006 № 94); Transport Strategy of the Russian Federation until 2030 (approved by the Decree of the RF Government on 22.11.2008 № 1734-p); the Federal Target Program "Modernization of transport system in Russia" for 2002-2010. In the sphere of legislation the Institute developed the Convention on the international passenger and freight transportation (KMAPP) between the CIS (from 09.10.1997); The Rules of passenger and freight motor transportation by international traffic of the Commonwealth of Independent States; the draft law "On the activities in Maintenance and Repair of vehicles "and the Rules of motor freight transportation. In recent years, the Institute participated in the development of the following regulations: The technical regulations "On the safety of maintenance and repair of vehicles"; "On the security of motor transportation of dangerous goods" and "On the safety of motor vehicles used for the transportation of Perishable food products"; GOST R 51825-2001; "Passenger transport services. General requirements."; GOST R 51709-2001"Motor vehicles. Safety requirements and methods of verification" and subsequent amendments thereto: GOST R "Environmental Protection. Environmental requirements for vehicles with petrol engines"; GOST R "Brake fluids for automobiles. Specifications"; Certification Rules of passenger motor transportation services (approved by Order of the State Standard of Russia 03.07.2001 № 62); Certification Rules of maintenance and repair of motor vehicles (approved by the State Standard of Russia 06.04.2001 № 33); Voluntary certification system for road transport (approved by RF Ministry of Transportation, registered by the State Standard of Russia 27.12.2001 № ROSS RU.0010.04UT00); draft regulations on independent technical expertise of the vehicle with OMI; POT R M-027-2003 "Cross-industry regulations on health and safety"; Methodological recommendations “Consumption rates of fuels and lubricants for motor transport "(approved by the order of the RF Ministry of Transportation from 14.03.2008 № AM-23-p) and others, in total - more than 20 regulations and methods only in the last 10 years.